The fish market near the old port in Akko. - Oil on canvas board
OK, here goes a little old school planet of the apes!
Ares, the greek god of war. He doesn't care who wins or loses.
The dead sea. There's so much salt in there that it actually crystallizes on the shore! Also, it's so dense you float like a beach ball.
The old city of Jerusalem. Souvenirs for the faithful.
‎*DISCLAMER* This is a painted COPY of a frame from the wonderful film "Into the wild". Credits go to all those involved in that project, I just hope I can learn something from it. I think there is a lot to learn from live action.
- Watercolor
Cool rusty stuff in the south of France. - oil
This is the wall separating Jews and Palestinians. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this crazy issue.
My first painting in Jerusalem! The landscapes and vegetation are great! - oil on board
Now that I'm not in Paris, a subway scene is in order.
Little did anybody know, Emilie's cookies were poisoned. Based on the logo for Emlie's cookies coffee shop in Nice!
Make yourself heard!
A scottish sheep.
I went down to the Lot region. Great vistas, great food, horrible weather.
A present for my good friend Martin Trystram, happy birthday Lullaby!
Zebra - Zèbre - Cebra - зе́бра - 얼룩말 - シマウマ - تعريف - 释义
This is the Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. This place is hundreds of years old and it has a deadly beauty (or is it beautifuly deadly?)
I had to spend about a million hours connecting flights at Madrid airport - digital
Jazzy! - digital
Super cool editor Alex Dowding! - digital
A typical terrace bar near Beaubourg - digital
A wonderful café. Old and classy and it's been there since 1900! - digital
A lady selling bread in Marrakech. - digital